Rick Dickinson formed Dickinson Associates in 1986.

Previously Rick had spent six years as Senior Designer to Sir Clive Sinclair where he designed and manufactured such classics as the Sinclair ZX 81, ZX Spectrum, QL and the Microvision, the world's first flat screen TV. The combination of artistic aesthetics and production practicalities Rick learned at Sinclair is the ethos of Dickinson Associates and makes us much more than a simple design house.

For example, in addition to an impressive list of design awards, we have successfully raised funding from various VC’s and charitable organisations including the Wellcome Trust and  Gates foundation to design, develop, and manufacture a range of miniature field microscopes including applications for Malaria diagsnosis.

The result is a company that completely understands the process of taking a concept from initial design to final production. Whether it's advice on product semantics, market sensitivities or the complex details or production engineering for high or low volume manufacturing, Dickinson associates can offer guidance at every step.